Every endeavour needs plenty of prayer. There are many things to bathe in prayer, and Bethlehem House craves your prayer for the children, the staff, and the structures. There are always areas to maintain, renovate, build or invest into, and we welcome all types of support from you.

Some of the on-going projects you can be part of:
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#retirelazarus project

#refreshteams project

#reliveyourchildhood project

#rebuildthewall project

You can also support the work of Bethlehem House by

Sponsoring a Child Directly

Bethlehem House now has 15 children under its care, with more surely to come. Sponsoring one of these children is a crucial form of support. You will have the chance to keep in contact with your sponsored child and play a direct and visible part in his or her growth.

Click here to see how you can partner us by indicating your interest on the kind of work you want to be involved in!