SMC Mission Trip Video Presentation

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Pictures – Courtesy of St Matthew’s Church Mission Trip Members

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What Happens When A Creative Team Goes On Mission

It was a cloudy, drizzly morning when we made our way to the airport, armed with 5 boxes of 2nd hand English textbooks for Lat Krabang Anglican Church (LKAC), and a whole lot of cheerful enthusiasm. After all, we were embarking on a creative arts mission to make-over the guest room at Bethlehem House in Banchang (which will house future small-sized mission teams), as well as teach handicraft to the kids staying at Bethlehem House – a start to our #retirelazarus project (click to read more on #retirelazarus project here).

Along with the books, we also lugged with us 15kg of old t-shirts; required for one part of our craft workshop, and a whole stash of Thai baht in anticipation of our first stop in Bangkok – to shop at Sahm-peng (Chinatown) for locally available materials that we could use to make sustainable, authentic crafts.

In 6 short days,

We flew across the oceans…

We shopped (never knew you could have so much fun in a hardware shop)…

We drew…


We deconstructed…

We lacquered and painted…


We taught (craft, drums & dance)…


We ate (lots and lots)…

We ‘wefied’…

We visited with the Yaps at LKAC…

And we found new flight companions for our next trip. 😍

From Bangkok to Banchang to Lat Krabang and back to Bangkok, before finally returning to Singapore, it was truly the most efficient, exciting, fun, inspiring and fulfilling short-term mission trip ever.

Posted by St. James’ Church (Singapore). All photos by Kristen Kiong & Jonathan Au. 

SMC Mission Trip 13-21 June 2015

13 individuals from St Matthew’s Church (Singapore) travelled to Banchang this year (2015) to assist Christ Church Banchang to organise English Camp for the schools. The schools they went to were Wat Kiirii Primary school, Bogowar Secondary and High school and Wat Banchang Primary school. They also did a short english class with Rainbowland Children Development Centre (RCDC) as well as organised an English Day program for the church kids, their invited friends, and the neighborhood kids.

Here are some of the highlights:

Some had classroom sessions… IMG_0763 IMG_0766

Some had outdoor sessions… IMG_0902 IMG_0908

Some were just rockstars… IMG_0990

Some students were eager to learn… ban_chang_2015-BKW sec1 ban_chang_2015-watbanchang

Some students were just eager to pose… ban_chang_2015-students posing ban_chang_2015-studentsposing2

Not forgetting selfies…

selfie before we go
Selfie to set us off!

bkwschool-selfie IMG_0986 ban_chang_2015-jasonselfie

Finally… The St Matthew’s Church mission team thank God for the opportunity to love and serve the people and students of Ban Chang and also to thank all the teachers, church workers and translators for all help rendered during the trip. All glory to God!

Mission Complete!

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. – Colossians 3:17

Posted by St. Matthew’s Church (Singapore)

Little Girl Lost

She lives in a little wooden shed that houses her whole life.

A queen sized mattress covered by a worn, tattered and filthy bedsheet that sleeps 3 persons – her dad, stepmom and her.

A small cooking stove, mismatched utensils hanging off the wooden panels of the walls, a saucepan, one small lamp and nothing else much.

She eyed us with huge limpid eyes, hugging a file stuffed full – her precious few possessions from school, and wriggled her toes; they stuck out of her torn and tattered socks.

Her father talked us through her case as we took photos of the home.


Her father is an alcoholic. Her stepmom, also an alcoholic, chased the girl around the surroundings of their home with a knife when she was drunk and cut her deep in the leg and arm. The scars still bear their marks this day.

For her safety, we decided to bring her into Bethlehem House.

She is but all of 8 years old.

And when her parents left her at the church office so that we could bring her to Bethlehem House, she clung to her stepmom and wept, her small skinny frame shaking so violently I thought she would splinter apart.

And I wondered. What could cause a girl such grief to leave her stepmom when the very woman that she clung to was the very same person who inflicted such grevious hurts on her?

She has been in the care of Bethlehem House for 6 days now.

Still very new, still adjusting, and probably still missing home a lot.

Tonight, she came running up to me, tore a huge flower sticker off its backing, and stuck it on my shirt.

And smiled such a wide smile, it made me smile back unreservedly and hugged her.

First published on 16 Feb 2013 by Maggie Yew

Kit Teung Mae (Miss Mum)

Last Saturday was Wan Dek (Children’s Day), and we spent the evening at the talay (beach).

After dinner, before we sent the kids home, he asked if he could sit with me in the front seat of the car. I told him ok, not taking him very seriously because sometimes the kids like to phuut len len (joke around). When the time came to pack everyone into the vehicle, I asked him again, and he nodded his head.

And so we squeezed together into the front seat. Me and a tiny little boy. I had with me a little smiley face ring with pulsating light that I initially intended to give to someone else.

However, at that moment, with him beside me, I felt a nudge in my spirit to give it to him instead. But the ring was stuck in my pocket and I was literally plastered against the car door, after much difficulty, I managed to get the ring out and gave it to him.

Honestly, some things are meant just for kids – I didn’t know the light could be turned off until he did it. I had been walking around like an idiot the whole day with a lighted ring in my pocket. Go figure!

Just two weeks ago, this boy walked back to his own home from school because he missed his mother so much. A 10 years old boy, carrying his school bag, actually managed to slip out during school hours and walked home. None of us would have found out of two of the girls staying at Bethlehem House had not seen him walking out.

At that moment in the car, holding him so close and hearing his giggles as he turned on and then off the light on the ring made me realize just how much this little boy missed his mother. And I felt love – deep, deep love for him fill my heart to overflowing as I hugged him close to me. His mum works at a bar near Chang Inn but she has no time for him. She has promised many times to visit him, but never turned up.

Again, I found myself caught in that strange place of struggle – where I knew I was in no position to judge; where I recognized that I did not know enough of a situation to make a statement even, but my heart was, and even now, is filled with sadness and pain for him, and anger that even the simplest desire of a child – to see his mum and to be with her – is denied of him.

I love his face; especially his smile. And sometimes, in my not so sensible moments, I think, I just might pack him in my luggage and bring him back to Singapore when 22nd February comes around.

First published on 16 January 2013 by Maggie Yew