Objectives and Expected Results of Bethlehem House

Bethlehem House is a home that renders help and aid to neglected children or those facing family problems so as to greatly improve the quality of their education, life and social development. These children will receive care within a good environment, strongly supported by a biblical foundation built upon the love and Word of God. We believe that Bethlehem House will be a blessing to the community.



1. To help and support neglected children and those from families with problems.

2. To improve the academic standard and to develop the quality of life of these children.

3. To encourage qualities of virtue and moral behaviour based on the words of Christ and the Bible.

4. To enhance the children’s social life skills so that they will grow and develop to become influential leaders of the society in future.

Expected Results

1. Positive changes to the children’s behaviour and quality of life, with improvements to their physical health, mood, frame of mind, as well as social life and interaction. There is an overall positive impact on their working together as a community.

2. Increased independence and the development of a greater sense of self worth being instilled in the children.

3. Continuing education for the children till university, or until they graduate at a standard the government deems acceptable.

4. Development into good and responsible adults with strong leadership capacity and the ability to influence their community and society for the greater good.