Bethlehem House

The present state of society has led to an increase in family problems with many families in Thailand suffering from absentee parents’ syndrome. Parents are devoid of the time or knowledge to care for their children because they have to work to support the family. In some cases, parents have to work in other provinces when they are unable to find work in their own province. Many children also come from broken families where the parents are separated or divorced. Some children are born out of wedlock. It is not uncommon to find newborns left in the care of grandparents or fostered out to strangers.

As a result, children are left on their own with very little parental support, nurturing, guidance and instruction. Furthermore, the lack of godly family structures for the children to model after, coupled with the influence of bad company, has caused many to go astray. Playing truant from school, sexual promiscuity, drug and gambling addictions, drug dealing, stealing – these are but some of the challenges that these children and their families face. Most of them usually end up in gangs, become violent and cause trouble to the society at large.

Christ Church Banchang is aware of these existing problems and recognizes that the Christian faith calls for us to make a stand. We need to re-build a societal infrastructure that is broken and in need of restoration that only the Gospel can bring. We have a joint responsibility to participate with society in bringing the good news to the lost and broken; to lift them up and take upon us a share of the burden they carry.

Bethlehem House is therefore established as a children’s home that will have as its core foundation the LOVE of God and the WORD of God as the basis for caring and teaching the children. We seek not only to help these children become good but, girded by hope and faith, believe that we will be able to raise them up to be influential leaders of the future that the society needs.