About #retirelazarus Project


‘Can I draw legs on Lazarus instead of wheels?’

‘Oh, but why?’

‘Because Lazarus is so slow it feels like it’s walking.’ 

#retirelazarus project is a collaboration between St. James’ Church (Singapore) and KEJJCO (www.kejjco.com / IG @kejjco) to fundraise for a good quality 2nd hand van that will cater to the transportation needs of the residents at Bethlehem House. The home’s vehicle, a white 12-seater beaten-up old van is affectionately called Lazarus. Named so because his engine had already been resurrected once, Lazarus continues to have his fair share of health problems and has made multiple trips to the hospital. These bills are however getting too much to pay as Lazarus’ age catches up with him.

The handicraft items that you see are hand-made by the kids of Bethlehem House, taught by Janna and Kristen, creative artists of KEJJCO. Each purchase will contribute towards a new van so that Lazarus can finally retire from his duties.

Old t-shirts are given a new lease of life by creatively weaving it into necklaces that are as unique as it is totally wearable.

Beautiful bracelets (unisex) made with locally sourced materials from Sahm-peng (Chinatown).

Necklaces are available for sale on KEJJCO now! – Click here to view them.

For more information on how you may purchase the handicraft items, do check out KEJJCO for the latest updates.

All pictures by Kristen Kiong.


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