St Matthew’s Church Mission Trip 22-29 Jul 16

This year, the St Matthew’s Church mission team went to Ban Chang, Rayong on 22-29 Jul 16.

Here are some thoughts from the team members:

What you see in the video is just 10 of us but there are actually a lot more who went with us. Mission trip is not confined to those who are going but the whole church has a part to play in praying for the mission point and the team heading down. – Diana Cheong (1st trip to Ban Chang)

When we celebrate missions, we must do so with the same rejoicing when one soul is saved, for that is an end product, even if we are not there yet. – Vernon Lim (1st trip to Ban Chang)

We want our children to lead Christian life. How better than to do it by example. We want children to serve and do Gods work. So we need to take first step in showing them as parents we trust and have faith in this God and His works. So we do his work. When we trust Him, we know in His care we put our children’s faith. – Yeong Ching (1st trip to Ban Chang with her 1 year old daughter!)

Watch the video to find out what happened during the whole trip…

Photos and videos by St Matthew’s church mission team members.
Music by เพลงคริสเตียน: นิมิต (Vision)