Wat Kiirii English Program 15-18 July 2015

A short and intensive 2 day English programme (organised by participants from St James Church) at Banchang Wat Kiirii primary school catered for 34 eager beavers who lived up to the name of the theme (Wild animals & their Habitats ).

The interactive curriculum of games, songs and teaching kits kept us on our toes and them at the edge of their seats! It didn’t take long for our young friends to turn the classroom into a learning zoo!

Our gracious and all-knowing host plied us with regular consumption of aromatic coffee. We thank them for their loving care and support in many ways for allowing us to carry out the English programme.

All glory to our God!

Do not get tired of doing what is good.
At just the right time you will reap
Galatians 6:9

Fuelling up with our mandatory cuppa caffeine.
The A-Z of wild animals & their habitats. From antelopes to “Ilan”(shoutout to Ilango) to zebras. (Fyi: a vulture in Thai is called “Ilan”, and Ilango is one of this programme’s coordinator from St Matthew’s Church)
Vulture is called Ilan
Boys will be boys. Scouting for safari animals with 3D glasses.desk boys

boys at desk 2
Our (selfie with the) zoo at Wat Kiirii packed with fun and facts!
selfie at wat kiirii
Sawatdee Wat Kiirii ! All glory to God!
sawat dii wat kiirii
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